Many a vehicle owner has had the frustrating experience of a flat tire. The Mopar Vehicle Protection Road Hazard Tire & Wheel coverage alleviates some of the stress brought about by tire repairs. The plans extend from two to seven years.

The coverage includes the entire repair or replacement costs of all tires and wheels. Covered damages may have occurred secondary to curbs, potholes or other road hazards. The plans also pay for the costs associated with mounting, balancing and stem replacement. The tire pressure sensor gauge is also covered. Clients additionally benefit from up to $100 in towing and roadside assistance fees. There is no deductible for repair or replacement visits.

In order for vehicles to be eligible for coverage, they must be 10 years old or less and have 100,000 or fewer miles displayed on the odometer. There is no time limit on when to purchase coverage. When needing repair or replacement service, see us at our Steamboat Springs, CO Steamboat Motors, LLC location.

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